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Attention: Freelance Copywriters

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Freelancers Succeed, While Other (equally good)
Copywriters Constantly Struggle With
Low Pay, Lousy Clients and Imposter Syndrome?

"I’m working in-house with the best copywriting team in the​ world and I'm loving it, thanks to Kevin and RFL"

Carolynn Ananian
Direct Response Copywriter with Money Map Press

"Through Kevin’s coaching, I doubled my monthly freelance income while working less hours on writing projects."

Chris Orzechowski
Freelance copywriter and launch email specialist

"Doubled my income over the previous month, then doubled it again!"

April Dykman
Direct response copywriter and consultant

"I'm working on exciting projects I've dreamed about with high end clients!"

Allison Carpio
Freelance copywriter and Customer Avatar specialist

Most successful freelancers won't tell you this but...

There's a simple, step-by-step path that can lead you from feeling stuck, frustrated, and broke... to having a great income, inspired work, happy clients, a solid reputation, and leads that flow like water.

It's the closest thing to freelancing paradise there is.

They say, some people have all the luck. Well, now it's your turn...

Hey, Kevin Rogers here…

I've been a freelance copywriter for ten years and I'm sure I've made every mistake possible when it comes to attracting, landing and delivering projects for clients.

I'm happy to report that, despite all my mistakes, I've been able to grow a 7-figure income freelancing, build a solid reputation in the industry, and create fantastic partnerships (and many lasting friendships) in the process.

For the last two years, I’ve been quietly coaching a select group of freelance copywriters and other industry experts, on how to...

  • Attract high-quality clients, who pay what you're worth... and never take advantage of your "niceness", strong work ethic, or habit of accidentally undercharging.
  • Take charge of client negotiations and prospect calls... "adult in the room" conversations that would make John Carlton proud.
  • Quickly become a recognized authority in your niche, without waiting for permission from someone smarter, wiser, older, or more expensive.
  • Create a marketing plan and lead-flow strategy that works for you, so you can stop living "gig to gig" on a wing and a prayer.
  • Discover your copywriting "superpower" and Bat Signal Talent, so you stand out from the competition like a shining star on a dark winter's night. (You don't have to be an A-list copywriter to have a full roster of clients and a waiting list of prospects eager to pay high prices. Your Bat Signal Talent will get you noticed... remembered... booked... and paid... fast.)
  • Get "Live Mic Ready" so that you can shine in every opportunity to deliver value and raise your authority on podcasts, webinars, even live stages. Nailing these moments is totally within your control when you have the formulas and frameworks for how to speak with a natural confidence. 
  • Protect yourself from being "taken advantage of": fees, deadlines, and that nasty, insidious Scope Creep. (If you've ever had a job that mushroomed out of control, you know what I'm talking about.)
  • Design your work around your lifestyle, NOT the other way around. (If you're asking, "What lifestyle? All I do is work," you're not alone. But it doesn't have to be that way forever.)

Let me tell you, coaching freelancers has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my 10+ year career in marketing.

Are You Just One Step Away From The Career You Deserve?

With many of the freelancers I coach, the essentials for great success are already in place.
They’re great at performing their ‘money-skill’, savvy thinkers, and inspired to do great things… but what they lack is…

… validation, confidence and a set of specific action steps to get them the clients, the money, the work, and the reputation they deserve.

The success they seek is so close! It's just rig
ht there. All they need to do is reach out and grab it.

But it turns out: The skills that make you a great copywriter, are NOT the same skills that make you a successful business person.

And to make it more complicated: Freelancing is not your typical business. It has its own set of quirks and frustrations.

You can't use any ol' business strategy to build and grow your freelancing business. It just won't work.

And one day, I got tired of watching good writers wash out, burn out, stay broke, and get taken advantage of.

That's why I created Real Free Life.

When You Finally Have A Plan You Can Trust, The Big Wins Come Easy...

—> Today I received a “victory call” from a freelancer I'm coaching who used my advice to land a $50,000 contract with a “dream client” in his power niche.

—> I sat down with a student to set an income goal for each month. One that felt like a “stretch.” That first month, she hit it easily... and again on the second month. On the third month, she doubled it. The amazing part was, she didn’t cold email anyone or apply for a single job. Instead, high-level clients sought her out. They found her from the content she created. And decided they had to hire her.

—> Yesterday one of my students showed me her Freshbooks account to celebrate how she had a record-breaking month... only to follow it up with a 50% increase, the very next month!

—> And earlier this week, I spoke to a coaching student who is planning his first info product. Why? Because his first consulting offer has been so successful... the natural next step is to scale into an evergreen product. Here's the kicker: He’s been freelancing for only 9 months.

—> A little less than a year after graduating Real Free Life, my student found a post from someone who needed help with a product launch. He reached out and used what he learned from the course to quote his highest fee yet. He didn’t think the client would hire him for this much money. But then his phone rang. And he was told he got the job.

—> One student now has so much work coming in, she's is selective about who she works with. She recently landed her first big royalty deal. And she’s regularly booked out 3+ months in advance. This year she'll make 4x what she made the year before.

—> I get messages like this every week from freelance copywriters celebrating wins! It’s the best part of the gig for me, watching capable freelancers finally get the confidence to charge what they’re worth, and get it.

And praise for the Real Free Life course is always through the roof...

Am I bragging? Heck, yeah.

I couldn't be prouder of everything my students have accomplished.

Yes, I created the action plan, the proven tactics, and the rock-solid advice…

… but these guys and girls took action.

They trusted the system. They implemented. And they celebrated the heck out of each other, along the way.

They deserve every bit of success they've achieved.

The 3 Keys To Creating A Lucrative Career
As A Freelancer

Real Free Life is a business-building coaching program for freelance copywriters who want to get paid what they're worth, doing great work, for great clients.

I specifically called it Real Free Life (RFL) because it highlights the three keys to creating a lucrative career as a freelancer.

1. Real... How you approach your freelance business must be based in reality.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to how to structure your day.

Not everyone should be chasing a “four hour work week” and on the flip side, some people cannot be productive for more than a few hours a day. Creating a work style that works for you is the first essential step to growing your business, without burning out and feeling miserable.

Plus, because we are unique individuals, we have interests and abilities that - when embraced - can give us a distinct advantage over the competition.

2. Free... Freelancers crave freedom.

But this weird thing happens when the leads start rolling in: You start to feel trapped by the work.

You worry about turning down work, you undercharge for your time, and you put your client's needs ahead of your own. That's not good enough. It's time to start saying "no" to anything that does not serve you. (Don't worry, I'll show you exactly how to position yourself, so clients are happy to come back in the future, AND pay your new, higher fees. It's weird, but it works.)

3. Life... You'll know when your freelance career is successful, when you're living a life you enjoy.

Your passion drives you, but it can eat you whole, unless you teach that monster who’s boss.

Have you ever been angry with yourself for worrying about a project when you should be focusing on your family? Do you want your loved ones to remember you feverishly slumped over a laptop? Without balance, your entire life becomes the work. The third essential step to true success as a freelancer is a balanced lifestyle.

So How Does RFL Work In Real Life?

You'll see more testimonials on this page from freelancers I've helped. They've gone from scraping by to dominating their markets.

And they've done this by:

  • Becoming recognized authority in their niche, and
  • Finally demanding the fees their time and skills are worth.

(Plus, they've found a way to balance their work and social lives, so they can enjoy their work and not feel like a slave to it.)

The results come from the small, but deliberate actions they take every day.

It's a progressive shift away from broken business strategies that keep most freelancers playing small... and replace them with skills that light you up, and keep your business growing for the long haul.

Why am I doing this?

Well, my colleagues tell me I’m crazy, because there are lots of easier ways to earn money, but...

I Love Coaching Freelancers

If you haven’t noticed, we freelancers are a different breed. We have a unique set of quirks that make us great at what we do and -- at the same time -- create a special kind of self-inflicted misery.

In the beginning, I thought these problems were unique to me...

I figured as a former stand-up comic, I possessed a special kind of “artistic anxiety” that made dealing with “business stuff” extra weird and painful.

I asked myself, “How could this freelance copywriting gig be so incredibly rewarding as a craft…

… yet, feel like cruel torture on the business side?"

And ironically, I suffered from the same struggle in comedy...

I could kill the room with the best of ‘em (sharing stages with Louis CK, Chris Rock, Brian Regan).

Yet, one by one, I’d watch them move up the ranks, earn better money for the same gigs, before going on to record specials and star in their own television shows.

I wasn't bitter... they deserve every bit of their success...

But it makes you wonder...

What's Wrong With Me?

Looking back it’s easy to see what I was missing:

1. A plan, and

2. The confidence to execute it.

The comics I know who achieved fame and wealth went "all in" on their passion.

They had a vision for what they wanted from their careers.

They took the risks.

And they faced the fears, and it paid off.

So when I sat down to create my plan, I looked at the big picture. I didn’t want to spend my life on the road. I wanted to settle down and have a real life… one where I could spend time with my family.

And that’s when freelance copywriting started making a lot of sense… not just as as a craft, but as a lifestyle.

I could still do the writing I loved, and spend time with my family, without sacrificing hanging out with the “cool kids.”

(If you’ve spent time hanging out at the bar after a copywriting event, you know what I’m talking about. Those people are a blast!) 

And that’s when I knew...

Freelancing Was My Second Chance...

I still remember the moment I discovered freelance copywriting.

It's incredible to discover something that:

  • You're passionate about,
  • Are instinctively good at, and
  • Where you can make great money.

All without a formal degree, or a boss... or any of that other insuffereable crap that regular people say is "normal".

I was not going to blow it this time.

Maybe freelancing is your second chance, too.

And if it is, I want to share with you the exact steps I took to get this ship upright and moving in a profitable direction.

But first, I need to tell you...

Freelancers Are “Weird”

We don’t fit into a J.O.B. structure.

Office life is unbearable for those with an independent spirit.

Memos about break room etiquette… endless meetings where nothing ever gets solved… corporate ladder hierarchy keeping everyone paranoid and conniving.

Not an option for us "weirdos".

Maybe you’re like me and never held an office job, and instead, hustled your way through “phase 1” of your working life. Scraping by somehow with no plan to make real money. Living for the dream of “making it” on talent... only to find out that talent is a commodity. In the real world it takes much more to succeed.

Talent without a business strategy is another sad story waiting to happen.

So, whatever is that is currently holding you back…

I Can Help You Quickly Overcome It

What makes me qualified to help you grow your business?

  • At age 35 I overcame a frightfully low business IQ and muscled past deep insecurities to build a million dollar freelance copywriting business
  • I quickly won the respect of my legendary mentors and peers (including John Carlton, Dean Jackson, Ryan Lee) and became a guest authority in their private groups and on their event stages
  • I spent over a decade in the marketing trenches with both business owners and freelancers, earning over $100MM in sales with my clients and paying out over $800,000 to freelancers to partner with me on projects
  • Built a community of 1600 members past and present to create a place where copywriters, marketers and business owners can flourish together
  • I sit on the faculty of high-level business mastermind groups - Brian Kurtz's "Titan's Masterclass" and John Carlton's "Platinum Mastermind Group"
  • Teamed with direct response legend, Brian Kurtz, to bring together freelancers and major publishing companies and develop breakthrough methods for working together
  • I travel the world speaking to high-level business group about how to better work with copywriters and other specialty freelancers. This means we are able to connect our creative members with carefully vetted, high-level businesses. They pay top dollar. They know the value of good copy. And they respect your work and expertise.
  • Being an RFL graduate is the fastest way to jump to the front of the line on agency jobs because after this training I will know you and your work intimately.

So What Does All My Success Mean For You?

Former corporate copywriter breaks out of "Cubicle Hell" and
into full-time freelancing through RFL...

Here's some more proof, straight from a "rookie freelancer"
I helped finally "make the leap"

Listen to this "working freelancer" explain how I helped her TRIPLE her rates and DOUBLE her sales -- in less than 6 months

Here's the story of how this "veteran freelancer" FINALLY got paid the price he's WORTH by implementing my Freelancer Frameworks

Learn how to stop taking "whatever comes along" and make even your "dream clients" come to YOU...

See how this new freelancer used RFL to get
"high-level clients fighting" to hire her...

You'll quickly grow your list and your
authority with hot prospects...

Another story of a veteran copywriter doubling her income in 1 year, PLUS having other pro copywriters supporting and watching her back...

An update from a new copywriter who just
signed his first royalty deal from one introduction...

Experienced copywriter joins RFL and "the door to dream gigs with publishers finally opens up"...

"This program gave me Confidence to work with Engaging Clients and believe in the value of my services..."

"Transformed my business to a highly sought-after
"freelancer model" - just had a $30K month!"

A Few Wins From Our Last Real Free Life sessions...​

"Ok, Sounds Great - But Will RFL Work For Me?"

This course was developed with freelancers to solve issues like...

  • Finding high-quality clients. Who pay you what you’re worth, and know how to help you do your best work.
  • Pricing. Especially, if you’ve been underpricing your services (heck, or don’t even know how to price!)
  • Negotiating. Good deals are won or lost during negotiation. If you feel shaky or out of control, you’re sunk.
  • Being the “adult in the room”. What to say during a discovery call, so that your fee is a no-brainer for the client.
  • Standing out from the crowd. There are so many good writers out there, you’ll learn how to develop and promote your “Bat Signal Talent” so you stand out in a big way!
  • Expert positioning. You need to be unique, an authority, and an expert. Without all 3 power positions, you can’t charge the big bucks.
  • Client handling. When gigs go sideways, you need to know how to get them back on track… fast.
  • Steady income. Living "gig to gig" without any marketing plan beyond word of mouth and the occasional prayer, is no way to live.
  • High-quality leads. How to develop your own lead-flow funnel, something that works for your unique situation… and might include working through the Copy Chief Agency…, so you’ll never have to worry about leads again.
  • Authority. No more “waiting for permission” to become an authority in the market. You’ll be empowered to “own your expertise” and teach in a way that sells your services to the most qualified prospects.
  • Lifestyle. Stress, frustration, overwhelm… and worst of all, burnout. There’s no guarantee you come back from burnout. You need to protect yourself.

Once you get these problems solved, and identify the kind of clients you should be working with and how to attract them… things fall into line nicely.

The work is inspired, the clients are thrilled, your reputation soars, the money's great and good leads flow like water. It's the closest thing to freelancing paradise there is.

However, getting to that place (especially when you don't recognize that you have a say in who you work with) can be treacherous.

A lot of freelancers don't survive the bushwhacking required to discover paradise. Mostly because, they don't know it exists. 

Check out 3 of my students and how RFL has worked for them in their unique situation...

Nicole shares how Real Free Life helped her have success quickly.

The 2 things you need to make it freelancing

Brian shares the “biggest mistake of his career”

Freelancers Have Independent Spirits…
But Need Each Other For Inspiration

They want to work with clients and partners that inspire them — and find it nearly impossible do great work for clients who don’t.

They don't begin the journey by asking: “What do I want from this career?"

Instead, they say "I wonder if anyone will pay me to do something I love?"

Then the client pays you, and it's a thrill.

You go over and above to deliver great work. (Again, having no idea what it's truly worth, how to charge for it, or how to position yourself for value.)

You're just amazed to get paid to perform a skill you're passionate about developing.

Be Careful What You Ask For

So the gigs keep coming and before you realize it, the thrill work turns to mill work because you're afraid to say "no".

Even though you know you don't have time for more work, that little demon on your left shoulder pokes his fork in your ear and says, "Are you crazy? Take the money!" 

It's scarier to "lose" a good lead than it is to lose a good night's sleep.

You think: "I can make up sleep, this gig might never come around again."

So you overbook and overwork until the work finally takes over our lives.

(Now, this might sound like a dream come true to someone trying to land that first gig, but believe me, it’s shocking how quickly this snowball starts rolling downhill. And before you know it, you’re overbooked and exhausted.)

And that’s when you need to start moving from cheap clients that work you like a mule, to higher-paying clients who respect you and pay you what you’re worth. Without that shift, it’s not long before you... 

Feel Like A Slave To Your Laptop

Suddenly, we look up to find we have everything we ever wanted... money, lead flow, reputation... but it feels nothing like we expected.

There is no time to sit back and marvel at your amazing feat of achieving success as a freelancer because your client has a deadline, he's constantly pinging you for updates ("how's it coming?") and you feel like a slave to your laptop.

Where's the independence?

Where is the casual weekday golf outings?

Where is the "freedom" that was supposed to come with freelance success?

You've hacked your way deep into the brush and haphazardly set up camp... as best you could.

And now it's time to put you back in control. Paradise is just over the hill, but you can't hear the music because you never named the tune.

But if you're struggling to land that first paying client, then RFL can help you set camp in a systematic way. A way that can sustain your business for the long term. (Because, I get it... looking for clients is tough, especially if you're using methods not meant for freelancers.)

It’s Time To “Name Your Tune”

This program is about naming your tune.

It’s not a “brain candy” program for people who like to collect knowledge and keep it on a dusty shelf.

This coaching program is for action-takers. People who are ready to dig deep, get muddy, make a mess, and try again.

This is true in-the-trenches learning.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s inspiring as hell.

You’ll leave the class with eye-opening experiences in all 9 of these areas, and the confidence to repeat them on your own… for the life of your freelance career:

  • Career planning. Deciding what you want from freelancing
  • Your true value. Understanding the value of your unique talents
  • Business growth. Identifying the steps involved in growing your business
  • Setting yourself up for success. Embracing the frameworks that protect you from underselling yourself
  • Building confidence. Projecting confidence and raising your flag of authority
  • Finding "battle buddies." Recognizing that you do not have to do it alone
  • Community. Developing a network of supportive colleagues
  • Lifestyle. Designing your work around your lifestyle
  • Keeping your eye on the prize. Never losing sight of paradise, whatever it looks like for you, and good click closer with every gig

“Freelancer Frameworks” That
Drive Your Success

How it works:

Each training session will focus on the few specific "Freelancer Frameworks" I've found most effective for helping you raise your rates, do inspired work, and attract high-quality clients.

You'll have a set of small tasks to complete each week. This will take you no longer than one hour a day (preferably the first hour when your brain is fresh).

Using the "Freelancer Frameworks" I'll teach you in RFL, you'll know exactly...

  • How to develop a lead flow strategy, so that you never have to make another cold call again. Ever.
  • How to turn leads into clients. And what to say when someone asks "how much"?
  • How to frame the value of your service so price is never your prospect's first concern
  • How to determine your prices based on your desired income (and not what the client wants to pay)
  • How to systematically raise your profile and be seen as an expert and never a vendor
  • How to easily craft authority content and get it posted on respected industry sites
  • How to develop the ultimate lead magnet
  • How to quickly build a list of prospects
  • How to get "live mic ready", so you can get invited onto podcasts and sound like a pro. Plus, how to repurpose the interview as fresh content
  • How to structure your day for optimum productivity
  • How to identify and attract your best prospect (and repel pain-in-the-ass clients and tire kickers)

The best part about these frameworks isn't how successful my students are from using them...

But how they've taken it and made it their own.

It's not surprising to hear from my students who have used this Freelancer Framework system and adopted it in their own career and business, so they can continue creating and optimizing their unique Real Free Life...

Nicole shares how Real Free Life helped her have success quickly.

Video Thumbnail

The 2 things you need to make it freelancing

Video Thumbnail

Brian shares the “biggest mistake of his career”

Now, here's the thing...

The Real Free Life Program Isn't For Everyone

In previous sessions, I’ve interviewed more than forty freelancers to see if they were a good fit for this program. And only let 8 go through.

That’s because I hand-pick every member, so I can work with each intimately.

Now, after a handful of intense RFL sessions, and detailed case studies of RFL working better than I even imagined it could...

I’ve decided to scale up the program, while maintaining the connection and intimacy of the group.

(I’m always been amazed at how quickly the groups gel and how supportive they are of one another. It’s inspiring and I want to see that continue.)

That means: I am opening up Real Free Life for a small number of students only. Go-getters. People who “get it” and want to take their freelance copywriting business to the next level.

Is that you?

You Are Invited!

Me and my co-coaches are going to personally help and guide you through the course. You'll learn exactly how to build your authority, safely raise your rates, attract better clients, and build a freelance business that you can be proud of.

Two exciting new upgrades to this session of RFL…

  1. Each student will be assigned a coach. My “co-coaches” are the best two people I can imagine to help me guide you through RFL. Melanie Warren and Angie Colee are both RFL grads who’ve both been at my side teaching with me for years.

    This session, however, either Melanie or Angie will be assigned to you as your coach, and they will look over your assignments, provide feedback, and also hold weekly virtual “office hours” where you can get real time reviews and coaching from them.

  2. The RFL Workbook. We’ve assembled each of the weekly assignments and turned them into “open and go” worksheets you can complete and turn in all in one shot. This workbook not only helps you keep all your assignments organized, it serves as your ongoing Playbook for checking in with your business once a quarter. If something is off, there’s a good chance you need to revisit one of the foundational lessons, and put the phone scripts or marketing frameworks into action. 

My larger community, Copy Chief, is well-known in the industry as THE place to find the best and brightest copywriters. Real Free Life is the next evolution in connecting the best copywriters with business owners who really understand the value of copy for growing their businesses.

RFL is the only freelancer training program designed to give you individualized coaching that prepares you launch your career onto a whole new playing field. Whether you’re just beginning to work with clients, or you feel stuck at your current level, RFL will guide you smoothly skyward.

Admission to RFL is $2,999 and comes with a...

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience in RFL. So here’s how my guarantee works... Within the first 30 days, I want you to:

  1. Log into the RFL Private forum inside Copy Chief
  2. Say hello to your coach by replying to their private message to you.
  3. Attend the first two live calls.
  4. Complete the simple assignments. 

After doing this, if you’re not convinced that RFL is right for you, then simply send an email to support [at] for a full and immediate refund. No hassle, no worries. Again, I’m only looking to help those who are open and ready to receive it. I believe this is the most fair way for you to test out RFL and make sure it’s a good fit. If you’re willing to do these 4 steps then I know, even if you decide not to stay, you’ll have gotten excellent value and maybe we’ll meet again another time.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to “collect” courses but rarely puts them to use, then I recommend you pass on RFL until you’re ready to commit. This program is designed and dedicated to creating “over the moon” value for freelancers who are truly ready to take control of their business.

I want RFL to be the turning point in your career, as it’s been for so many other freelancers (as you’ve seen in the stories on this page), so join us when you’re ready and let’s go all in together.

You deserve nothing less.

Sound good?

What’s It Cost?

The enrollment fee for Real Free Life 9 is $2,999. That includes the 4 live trainings and 4 live Q&A sessions with me, plus you’ll be assigned to one of my co-coaches (Melanie or Angie) to help you through your workbook. 

Considering the first sessions of Real Free Life (just me and a small group) were priced at $5,000, then $6,000, and that you now get me, plus my hand-picked co-coaches and the brand new workbook, this is easily the lowest price we’ve ever offered for Real Free Life.

Every session of Real Free Life is unique because the students make it unique. Real Free Life 9 will only happen once. This is your chance to be a part of the “beta” group for this optimized version of the course. I do not expect the price to stay this low in future sessions. 

You're So Close...

To be clear, the RFL program is not me simply showing you how it’s done. You’ll be putting the lessons into action in real time, so that by the end of it you’re already implementing and seeing the results.

I have seen this program change lives and careers. There’s nothing else to say, except:

RFL is a game-changer for anyone who wants to take their freelance career to the next level.

RFL is not only about marketing your business to attract better leads and prospects. It’s equally about how YOU think of yourself, your skills and positioning your freelance business for steady growth over the long run.

So, if you’re...

  • Tired of feeling stuck
  • Tired of being underpaid
  • Tired of feeling overwhelmed with stress over your projects
  • Tired of wondering where the next client will come from
  • Tired of seeing other people with less experience leapfrog your career
  • Tired of wondering what to charge, and
  • Tired of saying yes to jobs that you know should clearly be a “no”... 

RFL will give you the tools and the hands on coaching to raise your game, raise your prices and raise your authority. Plus, it will put you into a network of other successful and supportive freelancers who’ve made the transition and are reaping the rewards.

If this feels like a good fit for you, claim your spot by clicking the link below.

Will you become my latest success story? I can’t think of a reason why not. 

Our session together will begin again in August 2019. 

I look forward to seeing you there.


Kevin Rogers
The Chief



  • 4 Live Coaching Sessions with Kevin Rogers
  • 4 Live Q&A Sessions with Kevin Rogers
  • Your personal coach through the program
  • Live office hours with your coach
  • Lifetime access to the recorded training sessions and bonus materials
  • Private RFL Forum to get feedback on your weekly assignments
  • Access to a network of thriving freelance copywriters at the top of their game
  • Accountability groups to keep you focused and on track to achieving your business goals

The price is just $2,999 for everything listed above.
If you'd like to join, sign up for the waitlist below.

Here's what happens next...

Once you complete your order on the next page you will receive an email at the address you use to sign up with. Follow the prompts in that email to log into your private coaching portal, meet your coach, and get ready for the first live session on August 19th (if you cannot attend live, no worries, the recordings are made available the following day).

If you're seeing this AFTER August 19, you won't be able to join us for the 8 week program, but you can still put down your deposit today and reserve your spot for the next RFL program.

Check Out What Some RFL Graduates
Had To Say About Their Experience:

Listen to this "working freelancer" explain how I helped her TRIPLE her rates and DOUBLE her sales -- in less than 6 months

Here's the story of how this "veteran freelancer" FINALLY got paid the price he's WORTH by implementing my Freelancer Frameworks

Learn how to stop taking "whatever comes along" and make even your "dream clients" come to YOU...

See how this new freelancer used RFL to get
"high-level clients fighting" to hire her...

You'll quickly grow your list and your
authority with hot prospects...

Another story of a veteran copywriter doubling her income in 1 year, PLUS having other pro copywriters supporting and watching her back...

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