The Story Leader Intensive Is
Happening May 30 - 31 in St. Pete, FL

Individual Story Coaching by Kevin Rogers and Michael Hauge, with Special Guest, 
Parris Lampropoulos

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Hey Kevin Rogers here… 

I want you to think back to a recent news story that got into your head.

The kind of story that affected your emotions... caused you to feel outrage, or disbelief, or made you laugh your head off.

Chances are you later told this story to someone else... your spouse, a friend, a colleague.

And for that moment, it was your story.

You chose how to set it up... you selected which details to emphasize... the elements of intrigue... the pace... the timing... the revelations... and when you decided to end the story... on the exact note that left the impact on you... your audience shared in your emotion.

That's a powerful moment.

It's why storytelling is the oldest form of communication and crosses all barriers of culture and language.

Not only because it helps us understand one another, but because sharing stories feels so damn good.

It’s no secret that telling emotional stories is the single most powerful tool you can have in your marketing.

Every business and every promotion needs a Lead Story. The one that wins attention, keeps your reader or viewer GLUED, and takes them on a journey into discovering how you and your products can improve their lives.

What Makes A "Story Leader" Story Different?

In a word: EMOTION.

Michael Hauge

An ordinary storyteller makes the mistake of presenting the character as a hero, instead of telling the story of how that person BECAME a hero.

Most stories you read from marketers and copywriters merely skim the surface. Touching on facts and summarizing the details…

TYPICAL MARKETING STORY: “I was so broke we lived on Ramen noodles. But I was determined to succeed. To fight the boredom I read books I found in the dumpster. One had a strange title that sounded too good to be true... “Think And Grow Rich”. I poured over it six times that night, and woke up the next day with the idea that would make me a Millionaire.”


When your story only skims the surface, your readers will skim right past it.

Story Leaders know how to build characters that your reader will root for because SEE THEMSELVES through the lens of their adventures. So, your struggle becomes their struggle and they celebrate your victory like it is their own.

Think about the biggest names in our industry… I bet you can recite some version of their story.

Brendon Burchard standing standing bloodied on the hood of a wrecked car recognizing in an instant that he had not been truly “living” and it is his calling to lead others.

Ryan Levesque moving to China to learn to master the language, and the Chinese delivery man shocked to learn the man on the phone was American.

Todd Herman taking that fateful dive off the boat into shallow water. The one that will certainly shorten his life, and how he records videos for his young daughters to teach them the important lessons, in case he can’t be there.

These are the stories we remember - and repeat. They become a part of us. No “copy tactic” can power your message and fire up your audience like a expertly crafted Lead Story.

But, What If I’ve Never Almost Died And Can’t Speak Chinese?

You're pretty funny. Everyone has a lead story. Maybe several. Whether it's super-dramatic, lighthearted, or shocking... this workshop is about identifying the critical elements of a Lead Story so you can take any story from ordinary to awe-inspiring.

And, not just your story… also the story of your best customers. In case studies and testimonials that show the value you deliver in vivid detail. 

Who is Michael Hauge?

Michael is a Hollywood story legend. He’s written a slew of best-selling books on screenwriting, how to pitch your story in Hollywood, and a great new book about how entrepreneurs can tell their story, and those of their best customers to win more business.

Mention Michael’s name at any exclusive Hollywood party and everyone knows. Studio heads and mega-stars like Will Smith keep Michael on retainer to review and consult the power of the story in their scripts.

will smith testimonial

Will Smith

Men in Black, Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness, Hitch,
I Am Legend, Hancock

No one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story.

A few of Michael's book titles...

michael hauge book selling your story in 60 seconds
michael hauge storytelling made easy book
michael hauge writing screenplays that sell

Michael began working with entrepreneurs like Andre Chaperon and Russell Brunson to take their stories deeper and help their messages create greater stick. The results have been a revolution for the few elite marketers who’ve been fortunate enough to get Michael’s coaching.

Andre Chaperon testimonial

Andre Chaperon

Inventor of 

Autoresponder Madness

Michael has been an invaluable asset, helping me understand how to better structure my stories.

Check out these unsolicited testimonials from Michael’s clients that came flooding in when I simply mentioned this event on Facebook...

What is Kevin Rogers bringing to the table?

I’ve been making a living telling stories for 30 years. First with stand-up comedy, and also with sales copy.

My story-driven sales copy has earned over $100 Million in revenue for my clients.

A little over a year ago, I walked back onto a major comedy stage for the first time in 12 years. I was the opening act for a TV star, performing in front of 2,000 people in a packed theater.

I’d been away from stand-up for over a decade, but when my friend Billy Gardell (Mike & Molly) challenged me to open for him at this show, I couldn’t pass it up.

Billy Gardell testimonial

Billy Gardell

Star of Mike & Molly, veteran stand-up comedian

Kevin Rogers is one of the best comics out there.

Now, I had 60 days to rediscover myself as a stand-up, quickly establish a new persona and develop 30 new minutes of material before the big show.

So, I came up with a new formula for writing jokes. An enhanced version of the 60-Second Sales Hook formula I’d been teaching to biz owners and copywriters for years. The result was a entirely new act, a killer show opening for Billy, and a breakthrough in teaching marketers and copywriters how to THINK LIKE A STAND-UP.

Jokes are tiny stories that pack a big, emotional punch. I’m going to teach you the formula for how to add emotional punch (resulting in a laugh, or a tear, or a fist pump) to your stories so you can get a reaction, and optimize every call to action you put out.

I’m going to walk you through the unique formula for creating “story within the story” videos that I’ve used to sell out live events and online workshops without fail.

When I used this formula in a video to promote my first major live event last fall the video went viral and sold out the event within weeks.

​That’s Nice, Kev… But I Already Know How To Tell Good Stories…

Ya, I thought that, too. Until I invited Michael on my podcast and he challenged me with an idea…

He said, “Why don’t you tell me a story and let me coach you in real time. That’s the best way for listeners to understand my methods.”

So we did, and even though I’ve made my living telling stories (in the form of stand up and sales copy) for 30 years, Michael took me to school that day. I’ve applied his 6 steps to the stories I tell ever since.

You don’t have to be a “gifted” storyteller to harness the magic of story in your marketing… but without understanding the true power of storytelling your marketing will remain sub-par.

It’s no secret that people by on emotion, then justify with logic. Truth is, the logic part is pretty easy. Any rookie copywriter rattle off the pieces that make up a sales letter. But, the true A-listers know it’s the EMOTION you impart to the reader that makes or breaks the pitch.

Eliciting emotion comes from great storytelling.

Gary Halbert

"Storyteller" Extraordinaire you know what the most-often missing ingredient in a sales message is?  It's the sales message doesn't tell an interesting story... storytelling... good storytelling... is a vital component of a marketing campaign.

Story is the difference maker in their marketing. It’s how people get to know, like and trust you.

As a society we place story above all else, and it has never been more important to us. Think of it, we don’t just “watch” stories anymore, we “binge” them. As marketers, the ability to tell great stories is our greatest advantage. It’s how we educate and inspire. Story is the reason our audience feels safe becoming our customers.

And let’s face it… pure Information marketing is dead. A list of tactics crammed into a free download won’t do it anymore. Every one of your potential customers has more data-driven info stored away in the cloud then they will ever consume.

Isn’t it the same with you?

Yet, think about the last time you came across a piece of content that actually made you FEEL something. Whether it was an uncontrollable LAUGH, a genuine CRY, or a FIST PUMPING “hell yes!”...

… what is the next thing you did?

You SHARED it… you SAVED it… you SUBSCRIBED to it.

Story BONDS you with viewers, readers and customers. Story gives your marketing STICK.

It’s also the most effective way to sell without friction.

Copywriting great Parris Lampropoulos recently told me…

Parris Lampropoulos testimonial

Parris Lampropoulos

Top direct response copywriter and teacher

People ask me, ‘How do you decide to open a sales letter with story?’ I say, ‘Easy, every time I have good story, I open with it!'"

In this exclusive workshop, Michael and I are going to work directly with 12 people only to craft their Signature Story.

Michael is going to teach you the secrets to how Hollywood turns simple stories into major media events that affect millions of lives, and produce a combined 300 billion dollars in annual revenue.

Scientists have proven that our attention is never higher and our resistance never lower than right after we laugh.

I’m going to teach you how stand-up comedians punch up stories with surprise and laughter. Whether you’re out for laughs or not, understanding how to “think like a stand-up” will give you the ultimate unfair advantage in the fight for attention and stick over your competition.

And it isn’t just about you. There is no stronger sales closer than an a powerfully told customer success story. So we’re going to teach you the frameworks for making your customer the ultimate hero through emotional impact stories.

Dan Kennedy

Top direct response copywriter and teacher

I am a wealthy man because of the power of story, and as one of the highest paid direct response copywriters in the world, I make a lot of other people wealthy by telling their stories for them.

How the Workshop Will Work…

Michael and I are dedicated to helping you craft your best signature story. Beyond our two days together here in St. Pete, we’re also going to work with you remotely, before and after the in-person workshop.

You’re getting in-depth story coaching on the formula that you’ll be applying to your sales copy, broadcast, and speaking events for the life of your business. You’ll arm your team with the same ability, and you will see the results in the response to all of your messaging.

How Much Coaching Will I Actually Get?

A lot. This is NOT A LECTURE where you pay to learn the system. You will be writing your story with Michael and I at your side.

Here's What We Will Cover...

Step 1: The Story Leader Framework. As soon as you sign up you will receive a video where Michael and I walk you through each step of the Story Leader formula, plus a guide for choosing a good story to workshop with us. This will be a short story, and probably one you’re already familiar with, so getting it together won’t take long. (This video is exclusive to members of this workshop, so you must promise not to share it anywhere.)

Step 2: The Pre-Workshop Video Call. You’ll bring your story outline to a group call one week before the in-person workshop where Michael and I will work with you to take your story to the next phase and craft a solid first draft for the workshop.

Step 3: The Live Workshop. You’ll arrive here in gorgeous St. Petersburg, FL for the two day workshop. Over those two days together, every attendee will work directly with Michael and I. We will see each other’s stories transform and come to life through the coaching.

Bonus Session #1: Legendary A-List copywriter, Parris Lampropoulos, will take us through one of his most successful story-driven sales letters and break down exactly how he leads with story in sales copy and takes the reader on a irresistable ride all the way from “Dear Friend” to “Buy Now”.

Bonus Session #2: Punching For Laughs. I’ve invited two of my favorite comics for a special session on how to “think like a stand-up” and find the laughs hiding in your story. This is the same process we use with working stand-up comics here at local workshop. It’s the most fun I have every week, and we’ll have a howl riffing punchlines you can choose to include in your stories when you speak from stage, in video or text.

Step 4: Post Workshop Perfection Session. After the workshop Michael and I will host a final group call to make final touches on your story.

After, you’ll be proudly infusing your Lead Story into all your marketing…

  • Facebook Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Email Sequences
  • Stage Presentations

Travel Details

We are at the Hilton Bayfront in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL.

Special room rate of $159/night for attendees. You will be provided a link and more travel info upon registration. Plan to arrive on the 29th for a casual cocktail reception that evening.

Here's How To Order

The price for this once-in-a-lifetime private workshop is only $3,995 and includes the two day in-person workshop, and the pre and post private group calls.

There are only 12 seats available for 1-1 coaching.

Sign up now before they are all gone.