Last month the industry's top marketing and copywriting leaders took the stage at Copy Chief Live and revealed...

The Ultimate Direct Response Copywriting Advantage Heading Into 2020!

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Only 200 people we’re allowed in the room and full price tickets went for two thousand dollars. Now, through the magic of digital recording (and, ya know, crafty entrepreneurialism), you can get…

  • The full suite of recordings from Copy Chief Live delivered to you in high-quality, watch-anywhere videos…
  • The complete notes taken directly from the front row, so you can immediately apply the best strategies…
  • PLUS, an entire year of unlimited access to top level experts from the event and their ongoing insights to how they are implementing their strategies in 2020...

Become a Copy Chief member in November to get instant access to our exclusive training series that give you the Ultimate Copywriting Advantage…

Get exclusive “behind the curtain” access to the industry’s top copy chiefs, funnel experts, and marketers, including…

  • Dean Jackson
  • James Schramko
  • Parris Lampropoulos
  • Laura Belgray
  • Todd Herman
  • David Deutsch
  • Kim Krause Schwalm
  • And more!

… all sharing brand new training customized for copy-savvy freelancers and business owners.

You’ll receive a full year of unlimited access to the world’s best copywriting community, including pro copy reviews, monthly copy challenges, and the highest quality jobs board of ready to hire now gigs in the industry.

BONUS LIVE WEBINAR: Join Kevin Rogers and an all star panel of superstar copywriters who attended and presented at Copy Chief Live all sharing how they implement one big “A-ha!” take away from the event.

The Live Webinar is happening Nov. 20th with replay beginning the next day so you don’t miss a thing, even if you can’t join us live.

Here’s more of what you’ll get in the Ultimate 2020 Copywriting Advantage trainings...

“This year’s CCL was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to (and I’ve attended a lot). You created a training series about “transformation” and every speaker contributed their piece of wisdom to the whole."

Tim Diering

“These new trainings have set the entire direction of my business for the next 3-5 years. And I gotta say… the future's looking’ good!”

Rachel Mazza

“I’ve been lurking in the shadows learning a lot from many people at Copy Chief Live. But after this training I am ready to jump in the deep end...”

Ted Prodromou

Todd Herman


In what many attendees called a “life changing” training, Todd explains how to find and activate your own alter ego so you can ‘show up’ at an elite level for the many different roles you play in life.

By using this strategy, you can instantly step into a mindset to help you overcome massive obstacles and achieve goals that most people only dream of.

Get this training to learn how you can unclog the mental pipes and perform at your best.

"Can't Miss" moments:

  • How to custom-build an identity that will help you achieve seemingly impossible goals
  • How to switch between multiple alter egos when you need to play different roles in life
  • The fast and easy way to overcome insecurities and imposter syndrome
  • The FASTEST way to get into a deep flow state
  • How to instantly step into the “voice” of your clients

Laura Belgray


Laura has perfected the art of getting paid to be yourself. In this training, she reveals exactly how she went from “so and so’s copywriter” to “Laura F**king Belgray.” 

This is for anyone who is tired of being a slave to deadlines and client calls. Learn how to build a brand people obsess over, and get paid the big bucks just for being unequivocally you.

Highlights from Laura's training:

  • The difference between “getting paid to be you” and “getting paid to exist”
  • How to design and build your perfect business (even if you never want to work with clients again)
  • The Pure-Value-Pure-Sell Cycle Laura uses to sell her mini products
  • What to do if you don’t have a fancy website
  • The difference between being “well known” and “widely known” (and which one pays the big bucks)

Jonny Vance


The Harmon Brothers is the hilarious agency behind massive advertising hits such as Poo Pourri, Squatty Potty, Purple Mattress, and Lumē Deodorant. Johnny Vance, their Creative Director and Writer, knows that humor is only a small part of the equation.

Don’t let the funny stuff in this value-packed presentation distract you. $400 million in sales is serious business. In this training, Johnny breaks down the science and copy behind their biggest hits, and reveals exactly how they’ve generated over 1.5 billion views on their ads in a very short timespan.

Bonus - you’ll even get to see Kevin and Johnny create an “on the spot” ad for the secret product behind Kevin’s dashing good looks

Can't Miss Moments:

  • How Harmon Brothers created an explosive 2233.33% revenue growth for Lumē Deodorant with one simple video
  • The surprising secret behind Squatty Potty’s $30MM success
  • How they created the most popular ad of the 2016 US presidential election
  • The cheap way to test new campaign ideas before investing in professional production
  • Johnny’s advice for convincing your “very serious” clients to use more comedy in their copy

James Schramko


James Schramko is the founder of SuperfastBusiness community and podcast, author of "Work Less, Make More," and has been Kevin’s personal and business mentor for over 5 years. The Pros agree – James is the best there is at helping you maximize your revenue while doing less and creating greater impact.

Today, James uses his decades of experience and reveals a step-by-step system for scaling your business to 7-figures.

This is one of those “mind = blown” trainings, so grab a notepad and a pen and settle in. This one is not to be missed.

Highlights you can't miss:

  • The exact step-by-step process that James uses to build 7-figure businesses
  • How to start getting paid more for the work you do in your business right now
  • How to stop selling your time by the hour (and get paid more than once for your work)
  • The key ingredients you need to add into your business to reach 7 figures
  • How to increase your effective hourly rate

Dean Jackson,
Ross O'Lochlainn and Max Hamm


Dean Jackson is one of the most respected marketers in the world.

He’s the creator of the Conversational Conversion approach to marketing, inventor of Email Mastery, and co-host of the I Love Marketing podcast.

In this exclusive case study, he’s joined by Ross O’Lochlainn – Author of Open Everyday and creator of the Open Everyday Coaching Program – and Max Hamm – the talented copywriter behind this innovative campaign.

Together, they present a step-by-step breakdown of how they sold out a new mastermind program to the tune of $44k.

Even more impressive – they did it in 12 days with one simple line of copy and the P.S. of their emails. 

Highlights from this case study:

  • The step-by-step breakdown of how they sold out Kevin’s new program without a sales page or paid ads
  • How to open a dialog with your 5-star prospects
  • How to find and capture the prospects that are ready to buy from you right now
  • How to get your best prospects to write your copy for you
  • They easy way to nurture your audience so you’re always top of mind when they’re ready to buy
  • The 2 “buying timeframes” that help you know when to present your offer

Legends of
Direct Response Copywriting


Some of the greatest living copywriters on earth on one stage, answering your burning questions. ‘Nuff said.

"Can't Miss" Moments:

  • Lorrie Morgan’s advice for selling to women (and why you CAN’T use the same message that you use for men)
  • The criteria Parris Lampropolous uses to choose his copy cubs
  • David Deutsch’s advice for taking your copy from “good” to “great” quickly
  • What John Carlton learned over 20 years of coaching while creating his infamous “simple writing system” program
  • How Lorrie deals with scope creep to make sure you get paid for all of your work

Chris Evans and Taylor Welch


Chris Evans is a 7-Figure product launch specialist and Facebook advertising expert. Taylor Welch is the funnel architect & copywriter behind some of the internet's most successful launches.

Together they’ve teamed up to grow their explosively successful Traffic and Funnels business that’s taking the marketing world by storm.

That was just over 4 years ago, and today they’re averaging over one million per month in sales.

While that rapid growth is exciting, it’s also taught them some huge lessons along the way.

In this interactive Q&A panel they reveal what they learned about partnerships, scaling, and rapid growth along that journey.

Highlights you can't miss:

  • Their advice for vetting and choosing a business partner
  • How to build a consulting offer that pays you to teach other people what you already know
  • The life changing moment that inspired them to build Traffic and Funnels
  • What they look for when hiring new copywriters for their business

Parris Lampropolous,
Kim Krause Schwalm,
Laura Belgray, and Evaldo Albuquerque


For the first time ever, 4 of the world’s most sought after copywriting mentors reveal their systems for transforming raw talent into A-list prodigies.

Can't Miss Moments:

  • What Evaldo learned from generating $80 million in backend sales at Paradigm Press
  • How Parris chooses who he’ll work with as a cub
  • Why Laura says you need to start teaching what you know right now
  • How Evaldo teaches his new students to get good at copy fast
  • Parris’ advice for learning how to write long-form copy at a high level
  • The books Kim recommends to master the fundamentals of copywriting 

Roy Peter Clark


America’s top writing coach is back!

Journalists from around the world (both pros and students alike) travel to St. Petersburg to learn from Roy Peter Clark at The Poynter Institute where he is senior scholar.

One of the most sought-after writing teachers on the planet and a world-class raconteur, Roy has published over 18 books – including New York Times best-selling book, "Writing Tools".

In this newest training, Roy delivers a proven structure for creating attention-grabbing contrast in your writing, and telling compelling stories that captivate your readers. 

Highlights you can't miss:

  • The raw truth about what separates good writing from bad
  • How to create captivating titles and headlines
  • The surprising twist that adds humor into even the dullest descriptions
  • How to create constant tension that keeps your readers on the page
  • What Roy learned from Billy Joel and sumo wrestlers about adding “rub” to your writing

Kevin Rogers and Mike Rinard


Mike Rinard started as a student in one of the first rounds of Kevin’s RFL program. Now he’s Kevin’s go-to Facebook ad writer and campaign manager.

Mike creates ads for all of Kevin’s products and manages campaigns for his own high-level clients in the competitive and compliant-ridden Facebook ad space.

Mike teaches us his Storymapping method for writing effective Facebook ads fast. In this special training, Kevin and Mike break down a case study of how Copy Chief members used the Storymapping framework to beat Kevin’s control.

Can't Miss Moments:

  • The Storymapping framework for writing effective ads fast
  • How to use trigger moments to transform powerful emotions into a compelling story
  • The emotional themes that dive deep into your customer’s dominant fears, pains, and desires
  • How to write “soundbites” for video ads that get people to click and watch
  • The winning ad that beat Kevin’s control

Hi, I'm Kevin Rogers, and this is my place. Thanks for stopping by.

I loved coaching copywriters and consulting business owners on how to create high-converting copy, but was burned out by the slow pace of one-to-one scenarios.

It’s pretty obvious... there’s no room to scale in that model. And it just seemed silly to coach people through the same scenarios one at a time, when many more needed the same advice to solve their problems.

So I built a private forum where everyone who joined could get the benefits of my coaching, and pay far less than it cost to hire me privately.

I opened the doors to 100 members over the Labor Day holiday 2014, and sold out in 72 hours.

That was pretty awesome, but what really blew me away (and still does) was the quality of the people who joined.

Writers, marketers and business owners who sell great products and services in all kinds of interesting markets. There was a mom from Oregon who taught Traditional Cooking, a famous Canadian musician, photographers, engineers, tech-heads and artists who all shared a deep passion for the art of persuading with words.

Over the next days and weeks these 100 strangers formed strong relationships, traded in-depth critiques, and shared their hard-won knowledge about what was working, and had no worked, to grow their businesses.

Suddenly, there were no more strangers in Copy Chief. We are a family. Laughing together, rooting for each other, and, like families do... calling each other on our bullshit when necessary.

And most importantly... we were all getting better results from our marketing.

Copy Chief the only place where the top digital direct response marketers and the best working pro copywriters come together to openly share their hard-won copy and marketing wisdom from experience.

We're all about helping our members produce the sales results their products and offers deserve. 

We do it by hosting live copy critiquing sessions, sharing written copy feedback for our members, AND connecting business owners with top level copywriters.

Every month, a top producing copywriter or marketer takes us deep inside their highest producing campaign, so we can all learn and apply their wins to our offers. 

In fact, one member took the sales copy feedback she got inside Copy Chief, rebranded herself, shifted her message to match her target better and saw a 400% INCREASE in sales.

That's a victory for everyone.

Sure, she keeps the money, but we all get the wisdom and confidence of seeing - in real time - what changes move the needle.

(This is especially important for new freelance copywriters who are frustrated by never getting to see the results of their work. In Copy Chief, you have the opportunity to be part of active campaigns, and see your ideas implemented.)

Five years and over 2,000 members later, we're still very much a family. You won't find another group of kinder, smarter or more supportive pros anywhere.

And the results we get are 10 times bigger as well. It's not unusual to find a legendary A-List copywriter critiquing another member's ad in Copy Chief. And whether it's your copy they're optimizing, or you're just following along, it's an education you just can't anywhere else.

Word is out that copy Chief is the best place in the industry to discover new copywriting talent.

You simply will not see this level of sharing and sincere desire to "lift all boats" in any other community. Whether you've been writing and marketing for 3 months or 30 years, you'll be blown away by what you experience inside. Our members consider Copy Chief their secret weapon in business.

I get emails and texts almost daily from the biggest names in the industry wanting to know how to meet copywriters. I say, "Easy, join the community and post up a "Job Alert" describing what kind of writers you need, what you're paying, and how they should contact you.

I could go on and on about all the ways becoming a member of Copy Chief will change the way you handle your copy, but...

You have to experience Copy Chief to understand.

This community works so well because we keep things simple...

Everything we share is based on results, everyone treats each other with love, and everyone pays to join. 

The more you use the forums, the more value you will get from your investment.

If you'd like to learn from the very best in our industry, access the #1 Jobs Board, and get unlimited coaching and critiques from the pros (based on what's working today)...

Then you've found your new home.

Will you join us?

You can also learn how Copy Chief helps by clicking one of the buttons below...

Business Owners: 5 Ways You Can 5X Your Investment in Copy Chief During The First 30 Days

1. Unlimited copy critiques. Post your campaign copy, ad, or content in the feedback section and get high-quality feedback within 24 hours. Our community of “Chiefs” (top pro direct response copywriters, experienced marketers and industry legends) will dive in to offer you specific tips for improving your ad. You can even sign up for an in-depth hot seat on one of our live Chief Chats where our Pro Panel will tear your ad apart and put it back together for you in real time.

In the wild: An ad critique from just one highly qualified copywriter would cost $3,000 - $5,000 minimum. And it's still just one opinion.

Craig Beckta
Founder of Image Classroom

"26.9% conversion on a $7 product with 55% conversion on a 30 Day $1 trial that re-bills in 30 days at $19.95"

When I joined Copy Chief I was really struggling... Maybe a 1% conversion rate on my Sales Letter on a good week...

Thanks to the Chief Chats and the Hot Seat, I have the highest conversions I've had in 8 years of marketing online!

26.9% conversion on a $7 product with 55% conversion on a 30 Day $1 trial that re-bills in 30 days at $19.95...

I finally have an offer that I can send paid traffic to. It's a great feeling to be able to craft a product offer, write the sales copy and have it actually sell.

2. Live Guest Expert Trainings. Twenty plus copy trainings, based on REAL results. From single email strategies, long-form sales letter and Video Sales Letter strategies to deep funnel copy strategies like Todd Brown's E5 and Ryan Levesque's Ask Method

In the wild: A single training typically runs $2,000, PLUS thousands more for access to coaches. In Copy Chief, you get access to the training you need now, along with unlimited coaching and feedback from the pros.

Nievalyn Keel               

"I was prepared to feel this was overrated."

But after listening to the 60 Second Sales Hook training and writing my own immediately after... I said, "Genius!"

Copy Chief membership will definitely help improve my writing and ability to synthesize my thoughts in a cohesive argument. Thank you, Kevin.

3. Pro Freelancer Marketplace. In Copy Chief, you can vet writers and form relationships, instead of hiring someone you just met and might be a good fit. You get to see how the writer gives expert feedback with other writers and business owners like you. Plus, you and your writer can use the feedback section and exclusive trainings to bulletproof your marketing campaign.

In the wild: You're forced to "kiss frogs" and roll the dice on finding a freelancer who will deliver the goods. And your freelancer may not have any kind of feedback system to deliver confident results for your campaign.

Patty Dominguez        

"The trust factor is there from the first conversation."

The nice thing is that Copy Chief creates a platform for copywriters to engage with non-copywriters - adds the credibility to both parties... so the trust factor is there from the first conversation (at least that's been my experience).

I connected with a pro copywriter who has been incredibly helpful already to my biz partner and me. He asked some really thought provoking questions about our positioning and business model and what we want out of our copy.

This is a stellar community.

4. Community of Pros. In Copy Chief, you'll join a community of active marketers, copywriters and entrepreneurs. People who've launched real campaigns and made real money with marketing campaigns for their business. 

In the wild: Most free marketing groups are filled with newbies throwing out advice they've never tested with their own money.

Freelancers: 5 Ways You Can 5X Your Investment in Copy Chief During The 
First 30 Days

1. Unlimited Copy Critiques. When you're a member in Copy Chief, you'll never be in over your head with copy again. Here's how it works: Post your ad in the feedback section. Our community of "Chiefs" (top pro direct response copywriters, experienced marketers and industry legends) will dive in to offer you specific tips for improving your ad. You improve your copy, post it, and get more feedback until it's polished.

In the wild: A one-time critique from just one highly qualified copywriter could cost $3,000 - $5,000. And copy mentors/chiefs who'll review your copy on a regular basis cost even more.

Brand New Ways Copy Chief
Will Have You Writing Your Best Copy Ever…

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