Hi, Kevin Rogers here...

Thanks for listening to the “You, But Funny” podcast series.

We talked about a lot of stuff in there, and since you weren’t fiddling with your phone on the freeway trying to jot everything down (you weren’t, right?)...

… we’ve put together all the goodies for ya right here. All the formulas, clips, and joke bits you can use to inject some sizzlin’ humor into your marketing or your next talk.

As you’ve already heard, I recently returned to stand-up comedy after a decade away from the craft. I spent 60 days creating 30 minutes of new material to perform for 2,000 people at a theater opening for my friend Billy Gardell (from Mike & Molly).

My passion - and deep respect - for the craft of creating humor is more alive than ever. I spent my youth (from 18-28) making my living as a road-doggin’ stand-up comic, and another decade as an in-the-trenches direct response copywriter.

I’ve always loved using humor writing to teach how to write sales copy that packs a punch (like in my first book, The 60-Second Sales Hook) and now I’m on a mission to help business owners, copywriters and entrepreneurs of all types how to use their Authentic Comedic Voice (ACV) to inject laughs into their messaging.

Along with fellow copywriter and stand-up comic, Max Hamm, plus friends in the comedy (Billy Gardell, Jim Breuer, Carrot Top) and copywriting (John Carlton, Dean Edelson, Ian Stanley) worlds… I’ll be diving deep into the subject of how to get a laugh without blowing the sale.

If you’ve ever wanted to find your authentic comedic voice to use in your text and video messaging… or even if the thought of trying to be funny makes your top lip all weird and sweaty… you’ll soon understand how to create content, using tried and true comedic “laugh formulas” to get an emotional reaction from your audience.

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P.S. These days, inspiring your readers and viewers to FEEL something (whether a laugh, tear, or even anger) is the new requirement to inspiring action.

Knowledge content is dead. Today, if they don’t feel it, they’re going to forget it.

I don’t want you to be forgotten.

Now, let’s have a laugh.

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