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Self Guided where you can get test-proven templates and trainings to get you writing quickly with the confidence to know you’re following proven-to-convert formulas.

Group Guides where resident pros take you through workshops and challenges to improve your copy with feedback and suggestions for optimizing your ads.

Marketing Masterclass Trainings where the industry’s best in-the-trenches copy pros pull back the curtain on what’s working best in their high-volume campaigns

Core Copy Skills library of templates and trainings to help you nail down the fundamental copy techniques with confidence.

Money Skills trainings and workshops where the top expert copywriters in the most in-demand genres like email copywriting, native ad writing, and Facebook and YouTube ad writing give you the step-by-step process for writing the most effective copy for the biggest “needle moving” ad techniques.

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Monthly Jam Sessions where you can sign up for 1-1 help from me and my panel of elites to review your copy, your offers, your career choices, your Tinder matches… okay, not those.

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Live Email Copywriting Masterclass: How to tell stories that get your email subscribers to open, click, drool, and buy (instead of snooze and delete)

Laura Belgray is one the hottest email copywriters in the industry. She uses her background writing TV promos to inject her emails with humor and storytelling that get her readers laughing, sharing and buying.

In 2020, more than ever, entertaining our readers is just as important as teaching as a way of providing value. On her Copy Chief Masterclass, Laura will give us her best formulas, and line-by-line breakdowns of her highest converting emails.

Hi, I'm Kevin Rogers, and this is my place. Thanks for stopping by.

I loved coaching copywriters and consulting business owners on how to create high-converting copy, but was burned out by the slow pace of one-to-one scenarios.

It’s pretty obvious... there’s no room to scale in that model. And it just seemed silly to coach people through the same scenarios one at a time, when many more needed the same advice to solve their problems.

So I built a private forum where everyone who joined could get the benefits of my coaching, and pay far less than it cost to hire me privately.

I opened the doors to 100 members over the Labor Day holiday 2014, and sold out in 72 hours.

That was pretty awesome, but what really blew me away (and still does) was the quality of the people who joined.

Writers, marketers and business owners who sell great products and services in all kinds of interesting markets. There was a mom from Oregon who taught Traditional Cooking, a famous Canadian musician, photographers, engineers, tech-heads and artists who all shared a deep passion for the art of persuading with words.

Over the next days and weeks these 100 strangers formed strong relationships, traded in-depth critiques, and shared their hard-won knowledge about what was working, and had no worked, to grow their businesses.

Suddenly, there were no more strangers in Copy Chief. We are a family. Laughing together, rooting for each other, and, like families do... calling each other on our bullshit when necessary.

And most importantly... we were all getting better results from our marketing.

Copy Chief the only place where the top digital direct response marketers and the best working pro copywriters come together to openly share their hard-won copy and marketing wisdom from experience.

We're all about helping our members produce the sales results their products and offers deserve.

We do it by hosting live copy critiquing sessions, sharing written copy feedback for our members, AND connecting business owners with top level copywriters.

Every month, a top producing copywriter or marketer takes us deep inside their highest producing campaign, so we can all learn and apply their wins to our offers.

In fact, one member took the sales copy feedback she got inside Copy Chief, rebranded herself, shifted her message to match her target better and saw a 400% INCREASE in sales.

That's a victory for everyone.

Sure, she keeps the money, but we all get the wisdom and confidence of seeing - in real time - what changes move the needle.

(This is especially important for new freelance copywriters who are frustrated by never getting to see the results of their work. In Copy Chief, you have the opportunity to be part of active campaigns, and see your ideas implemented.)

Five years and over 2,000 members later, we're still very much a family. You won't find another group of kinder, smarter or more supportive pros anywhere.

And the results we get are 10 times bigger as well. It's not unusual to find a legendary A-List copywriter critiquing another member's ad in Copy Chief. And whether it's your copy they're optimizing, or you're just following along, it's an education you just can't anywhere else.

Word is out that copy Chief is the best place in the industry to discover new copywriting talent.

You simply will not see this level of sharing and sincere desire to "lift all boats" in any other community. Whether you've been writing and marketing for 3 months or 30 years, you'll be blown away by what you experience inside. Our members consider Copy Chief their secret weapon in business.

I get emails and texts almost daily from the biggest names in the industry wanting to know how to meet copywriters. I say, "Easy, join the community and post up a "Job Alert" describing what kind of writers you need, what you're paying, and how they should contact you.

I could go on and on about all the ways becoming a member of Copy Chief will change the way you handle your copy, but...

You have to experience Copy Chief to understand.

This community works so well because we keep things simple...

Everything we share is based on results, everyone treats each other with love, and everyone pays to join.

The more you use the forums, the more value you will get from your investment.

If you'd like to learn from the very best in our industry, access the #1 Jobs Board, and get unlimited coaching and critiques from the pros (based on what's working today)...

Then you've found your new home.

Will you join us?

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Business Owners: 5 Ways You Can 5X Your Investment in Copy Chief During The First 30 Days

1. Unlimited copy critiques. Post your campaign copy, ad, or content in the feedback section and get high-quality feedback within 24 hours. Our community of “Chiefs” (top pro direct response copywriters, experienced marketers and industry legends) will dive in to offer you specific tips for improving your ad. You can even sign up for an in-depth hot seat on one of our live Chief Chats where our Pro Panel will tear your ad apart and put it back together for you in real time.

In the wild: An ad critique from just one highly qualified copywriter would cost $3,000 - $5,000 minimum. And it's still just one opinion.

Craig Beckta
Founder of Image Classroom

"26.9% conversion on a $7 product with 55% conversion on a 30 Day $1 trial that re-bills in 30 days at $19.95"

When I joined Copy Chief I was really struggling... Maybe a 1% conversion rate on my Sales Letter on a good week...

Thanks to the Chief Chats and the Hot Seat, I have the highest conversions I've had in 8 years of marketing online!

26.9% conversion on a $7 product with 55% conversion on a 30 Day $1 trial that re-bills in 30 days at $19.95...

I finally have an offer that I can send paid traffic to. It's a great feeling to be able to craft a product offer, write the sales copy and have it actually sell.

2. Live Guest Expert Trainings. Twenty plus copy trainings, based on REAL results. From single email strategies, long-form sales letter and Video Sales Letter strategies to deep funnel copy strategies like Todd Brown's E5 and Ryan Levesque's Ask Method

In the wild: A single training typically runs $2,000, PLUS thousands more for access to coaches. In Copy Chief, you get access to the training you need now, along with unlimited coaching and feedback from the pros.

Nievalyn Keel

"I was prepared to feel this was overrated."

But after listening to the 60 Second Sales Hook training and writing my own immediately after... I said, "Genius!"

Copy Chief membership will definitely help improve my writing and ability to synthesize my thoughts in a cohesive argument. Thank you, Kevin.

3. Pro Freelancer Marketplace. In Copy Chief, you can vet writers and form relationships, instead of hiring someone you just met and might be a good fit. You get to see how the writer gives expert feedback with other writers and business owners like you. Plus, you and your writer can use the feedback section and exclusive trainings to bulletproof your marketing campaign.

In the wild: You're forced to "kiss frogs" and roll the dice on finding a freelancer who will deliver the goods. And your freelancer may not have any kind of feedback system to deliver confident results for your campaign.

Patty Dominguez

"The trust factor is there from the first conversation."

The nice thing is that Copy Chief creates a platform for copywriters to engage with non-copywriters - adds the credibility to both parties... so the trust factor is there from the first conversation (at least that's been my experience).

I connected with a pro copywriter who has been incredibly helpful already to my biz partner and me. He asked some really thought provoking questions about our positioning and business model and what we want out of our copy.

This is a stellar community.

4. Community of Pros. In Copy Chief, you'll join a community of active marketers, copywriters and entrepreneurs. People who've launched real campaigns and made real money with marketing campaigns for their business.

In the wild: Most free marketing groups are filled with newbies throwing out advice they've never tested with their own money.

Chris Chia

"$18,000 in sales in 34 hours.*"

We practically DOUBLED our goal of breaking the $10,000 mark. Starting to get some serious proof of my copywriting chops!

... Really, really happy with this. Thank you to everyone who's helped make this launch a success!"

*Results may vary

5. Formulas for your perfect message. In Copy Chief, you can get proven formulas to help you write copy faster. There are also formulas for positioning yourself as an authority. I've taught these formulas to both freelancers and business owners. who've used it to skyrocket their lead flow and become an established authority (even in the most competitive niches).

In the wild: Having a framework you can lean on can shave hours off from feeling like your copy is going nowhere. Running your ideas to a coach can cost you $1,000+ an hour. Inside Copy Chief, there are experienced pros who can help you tighten up your message and positioning without costing you an arm and a leg.

Kev Kaye
Founder, GrowthBOKs

"Putting Kevin's lessons into action positioned me as an expert people want to work with..."

I've been asked to do a guest webinar for one of the largest growth marketing conferences in the world.

I got 928 website visitors in 3 days. Plus, 158 new email subscribers in a week. Even better, I've pre-sold my first workshop for $500.

Freelancers: 5 Ways You Can 5X Your Investment in Copy Chief During The First 30 Days

1. Unlimited copy critiques. When you're a member in Copy Chief, you'll never be in over your head with copy again. Here's how it works: Post your ad in the feedback section. Our community of "Chiefs" (top pro direct response copywriters, experienced marketers and industry legends) will dive in to offer you specific tips for improving your ad. You improve your copy, post it, and get more feedback until it's polished.

In the wild: A one-time critique from just one highly qualified copywriter could cost $3,000 - $5,000. And copy mentors/chiefs who'll review your copy on a regular basis cost even more.

Aaron Crocker

"Your advice saved my backside, and I generated $26,378 from a campaign that cost $3,300..."

I submitted the first draft of this letter to the Copy Chief members and asked for advice. Your advice saved my backside, and I rewrote the letter.

Mailed a 2-step letter campaign to 1,200 homes. Campaign Cost: $3,300 for both letters. Generated: $26,378 in personal training sales. Thanks for everyone's help.

2. Skill-Enhancing Video Trainings and Live Master Classes. 20+ in-depth copy trainings, based on test-proven results. From single email strategies, full sales letter and VSL strategies to deep funnel copy strategies like Todd Brown's E5 and Ryan Levesque's Ask Method. Last October, we hosted the very first Copy Chief Live, where I invited guest speakers to share something they've never taught before. Now, you get instant access to the released talks when you join as a member.

In the wild: A single training typically runs $2,000 plus thousands more for access to coaches. You only pay for the training. In Copy Chief, you get access to the training you need now, plus unlimited coaching, feedback from the pros, and other fellow Chiefs walking in lock-step with you along the way.

Russ Reynolds

"Copy Chief has been a GREAT resource of revenue for me - well into 6 Figures annually from Copy Chief connections alone"

Membership is mandatory if you're ready to stop playing around. It's the best bargain out there if you're serious about crafting breakthrough copy.

It's an understatement to say the wisdom members drop is invaluable, but it's Kevin's training you should be coveting.

And it's not just about learning - it's about earning too. Copy Chief has been a GREAT source of revenue for me - well into 6 Figures annually from Copy Chief connections alone.

3. Pro Freelancer Marketplace. In Copy Chief, you'll be top of mind with serious entrepreneurs who hire professionals just like you. You'll land gigs based on the relationships you've built, rather than on cold job listings. And the job listings available all pay competitive rates doing real copy work.

In the wild: You're stuck competing for jobs posted on dozens of other sites competing against a massive sea of résumés. The clients posting these jobs may not study copy or be willing to pay a fair fee for the work. In Copy Chief, each job is carefully vetted by me and my team of Ambassadors, so you're not getting low quality gigs. (And, certain gigs are posted through the Copy Chief Agency - where business owners with special requirements pay Copy Chief to help them get connected with the right copywriter.)

Scott McKinstry

"My "Hourly Rate" quintupled in 10 months."

When I started freelancing, I was stuck making "Elance Money." I had limited hours with my regular job and a new baby.

... Once I got Kevin's hands-on advice, my "hourly rate" quintupled in 10 months. Now, I make a comfortable income working part time hours.

I quit my day job and mostly write mornings now. I spend afternoons and evenings with my fam.

4. Overcome "Imposter Syndrome" and get Paid What You're Worth. Every copywriter, even top pros, battle nasty bouts of imposter syndrome; that nagging feeling that your winners were luck and before long, you're going to be "found out" and even called out. Imposter syndrome leads to "writer's block", insecurity, and compromising on your fees.

It sucks, but it's normal, and believe it or not, can actually be a good sign that you've got the heart of a true persuader in print. In Copy Chief, you'll be surrounded by other working pro copywriters who've been there, and can guide you past it. You'll also have access to the scripts and strategies for how to ask for - and get - what your skill is really worth.

In the wild: Public groups (even if they're supposed to be "closed") are risky places to admit that you're dealing with mindset issues. Your competition will pounce, and you'll be exposing your weakness to potential prospects.